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A relocation to Sydney the capital of New South Wales, does not mean a relocation to the capital of Australia as many people think. You will be living with a population of around four and a half million people who enjoy a dynamic, multicultural city with a balmy climate. Sydneysiders do suffer some of the downsides of big city life, such as traffic jams and frustrations with public transport. The sunshine is well spread through the year. In fact, a relocation to Sydney will see you basking in more blue-sky days in winter than in summer.
Summer is the wet season (Dec to Feb). These months are when it feels sticky due to the humidity. Most buildings have air conditioning to help you cope with this. As a coastal city, afternoon sea breezes are the norm whilst living in Sydney; these can be very refreshing on a humid summer’s day. Sea temperatures around Sydney are very pleasant and Sydneysiders make full use of their ocean playground for swimming, yachting and watersports.
Sydney attracts more immigrants to live in Australia than any other Australian city. Large numbers of relocating Australians are also drawn by career opportunities in Sydney. 
It’s fair to say some families with children have found other cities meet their lifestyle requirements better than Sydney does. Nevertheless, many migrants with children are happy they chose Sydney. If you don’t have children, and you want to live in an exciting city, Sydney is almost certainly your ideal Australian location.
About Opal Relocations
Opal Relocations Sydney specialise in assisting employees, individuals and families move to Sydney by helping them settle more quickly with exceptional relocation  services. Your Sydney relocation package is tailored to your individual relocation needs accordingly via our relocation needs assessment.
Opal Relocations understand just how daunting and stressful moving to a new city like Sydney can be. We will make Sydney feel like your home quicker than you ever thought possible by helping you complete all those essential relocation jobs like finding somewhere to live using our friendly and professional approach.
Your Sydney relocation will be stress free from the moment you touch down at Sydney airport meaning you can carry out your working life in Sydney without worrying about the jobs to be done at home. This will maximise the chance that you will love your new life in Sydney.

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