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Our Core Relocations Team
Opal Relocations is a boutique relocation agency with head office based in Brisbanes' western suburbs. 

At Opal Relocations we pride ourselves on the fact that our clients are more like our family members. Just like a family you can count on us to be there when the going gets tough. We will be there to answer any questions you may have no matter how small, and provide a friendly ear when you need it the most. We understand the stresses and strains of moving both locally and internationally, as we have been in the same place that you now find yourself in.

Our team of trustworthy representatives are all part of the Opal family, and like the Opal gem every one of them is unique with specialised skills to ensure that your individual needs are being taken care of the Opal way.

We are passionate about delivering our commitment to you. We will surpass all your expectations; our dedication ensures that you will settle into your new life as if you have never been anywhere else. 
Opal Relocations Brisbane - Shelley McGonigal
Shelley is the founding director of Opal Relocations which was established in 2013. Shelleys career prior to Opal consisted of teaching, law and real estate. Shelley has all the attributes that enable the high service levels that Opal Relocations strive for to be met and continues to maintain her principals real estate licence, giving Opal Relocations clients a unique insight into the property market. In addition to this, her relocation from the UK to Australia in 2007 means that clients are met with an empathy that only walking the walk can give. Shelleys passion and enthusiasm shine through with every new family she meets as she invites them in to the Opal family.   
Opal Relocations Brisbane - Graham McGonigal
Graham is the marketing director at Opal Relocations. Graham has been a management consultant for 15 years in both the UK and Australia, supporting large utilities develop management strategies. With a degree in business and a masters from the UK, these skills are being utilised to support Opal Relocations in its continued growth. Graham also relocated to Brisbane, Australia, in 2007 and utilises this knowledge to support those that become part of the Opal family.   
Opal Relocations Brisbane - Lindsey Phillips
Lindsey is the senior relocation consultant at Opal Relocations and comes with a degree and a masters from Oxford University in the UK. Lindsey joined Opal in 2015 after a career that included working as a management accountant for Coca Cola for 12 years. Lindsey also moved to Brisbane in 2007 from the UK and uses this experience to support Opal Relocations clients going through the same experiences. With her friendly enthusiastic nature she makes people feel like they have known her all their life. Lindsey is currently working towards her real estate certificate.