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Medical care is an important consideration within Australia and should be factored into living costs.
Costs of procedures not covered by Medicare (Australias national health scheme) can be expensive. Therefore many people have private health insurance.
Medicare is only available to permanent residents and people from a country with a reciprical health agreement with Australia.
Doctors sometimes charge more than the allowable medicare expense leaving an amount payable after your consultation. Look for doctors that bulk bill to get free treatment.
In an emergency in Australia, you can always call 000. However, there is also an international emergency call number 112 used by every GSM network all over the world. This emergency call number will work wherever you are as long as you are within range of a GSM network operator’s coverage (it even works when in range of the Telstra or Optus networks in Australia).
Dial 000 for emergency services -
Ambulance, Police or Fire
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